SuperFirst Mortgage

Enabling more homeownership opportunities

SuperFirst is the only residential First mortgage program co-financing with established Licensed Banks in Hongkong, offering a higher loan-to-value ratio mortgage for Hongkong homebuyers.

One mortgage account

One interest rate

One Tenor

Maximum LTV of SuperFirst mortgage program

Property Value Maximum LTV
$30 million or below 90% (70%+20%)
From $30 million to $35 million $21 million+20%
Above $35 million 80% (60%+20%)

The Pan Asian SuperFirst Mortgage is a versatile financing option suitable for a wide range of primary market properties, secondary market properties transactions, and cash-out refinancing. The LTV depends on the property valuation:

First-hand and Second-hand Residential Property:

  • Maximum 90% LTV mortgage (for property price below $30 million)
  • Maximum 80% to 90% LTV mortgage (for property price over $30 million)

Special Offer:

  • Interest rate as low as P-2.0%
  • Loan tenor up to 30 years
  • Cash rebate

Applicable Borrowers

  • Mainly targeting local homebuyer for self occupation.
  • Applicable to first-hand properties with different estimated completion dates.
  • Applicable to cash-out refinancing applications.
  • Applicants are required to meet the credit requirements of Pan Asian and our partner banks.

Application Timeline

  • Applicant completes the application form and provides Pan Asian with the necessary documents for loan application
  • After Pan Asian’s approval, the application will be passed to partner bank for approval. Pan Asian will inform the customer of the result
  • Pan Asian will arrange mortgage drawdown procedures if customer accepts the loan terms

Special Offer

Interest rate is as low as bank’s mortgage rate

Loan tenor up to 30 years

Cash rebate

Call our hotline for more information (+852) 2167 1357


#Borrowers have to fulfill the HKMA Debt to Income ratio requirement.
##Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory is the sole agent of the SuperFirst Mortgage Program.